Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shaatir logo ki shaatiri !!

kaafi dino se hum dekh rahey hai ki kuchh post aatey hai and fir gayab ho jatey hai... saari janata ko padhney ka mauka bhi nahi milata.... Par.. jaisa ki suri ne likha.. Abhi hum jinda hai..
So.. for benefit of u folks.. I am reposting the post which suri posted and then deleted :D

updates @ Delhi

Hi all,
updates from Delhi/noida -

1) Devi was here a week ago. He came to meet his dad.
2) Naq is fine. As usual busy with his official/RnD work.
4) Ankit is busy with office n his so called Dost - PP (The Hyderabad office girl)
5 Sharad busy with his relatives. "Jo jijaji bolenge mein wahi karoonga."
6) Pillu got a new resort in Manali n a E-series nokia cell phone.
7) Anand is fine in LA. Busy workin and washin plates.
8) Bhaiya ji (Shashank) too is busy with work in Texas.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How many checked it?

Hi ppl..
What happened all movements on dis portal also slowed down like our Invincible community on Orkut. Koi na..lets see who check dis portal...

To start wit i m sorry 4 checkin de portal my self so late..lets see when others did..
jus a leave a comment so dat all of know "wen n how many checked it?"

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hi All,

Message from tiger --- he has sent to all of us on Gmail. So I am forwarding it so that we all can reply fast.

This is what i am talking about....and many more things
like...singing pyaar hume kis mod pe le aaya...saath me daaru
peena...sutta maarna...kuch log jinse daaru sambhalti nahi..(including
me) unhe sambhalna...raat bhar gap maarna...ek dusre se ladna
jhagadna...rooth jana..fir manana...fir gale milna aur sab beeti
baaton ko bhul jana...sateesh ka guitar bajana ...n hum sab ka apni
fati hui awaaz me call bulana.....

bahut kuch adhura lagta hai yaar...pehle lagta tha ki theek hai...sab
saath nahi hain to kabhi na kabhi hona hi ko
waise hi accept kar liya tha...but..ab nahi ho paa raha hai...bechaini
ho gayi hai....

meine kisi na kisi wajah se sab ko hurt kiya hai...sabki feelings ko
hurt kiya hai...jiski wajah se pata nahi...kaun kaun mere ko kitna
despise karta hai...kabhi bol nahi paaya..but i never did it
knowingly...i learned a lot frm u guys..a lot...i grew a lot ...ek
frnd ke liye koi kitna kar sakta meine tum sab ke saath reh
ke seekha hai...shayad mein improve nahi hua...shayad hua...lekin
mujhe itna pata life mein mein tum sab se chota hu......tum
soch rahe hoge ki ise kya ho gaya hai...kyu achanak itna bakwas maar
raha hai...shayad akele baithe baithe meine jitna tum sab ko miss kiya mail uska hi natija me bahut kuch hai. abhi
bhi..shayad hamesha tha...but meine kabhi kisiko bola nahi...lekin ab
lagta hai nahi bolunga to ghut jaunga...

guys...hum jaise bhi hain...i think we are great fr each other....

i don knw wht all senti drama i have written above...but this is what
i wrote it...

i am desperate to meet all of u...

urs...Tiger :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HAPPY new Year

Hello INVI's

wish you all a very happy and
new year.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekly Movie Review

This week I had chance to watch a lot of movies.. 3 of them on the same day[.. or should I say d same night :)]
Dasvidaniya, Fashion, Green Street Hooligans and the 4th one's name I don't remember..( well.. it was that type of movie)

Moving ahead, Fashion is a movie which was released around 2-3 weeks ago nd no one will be needing a review on that. For those who haven't seen it yet.. download and watch it. You won't be dissapointed.
My rating 2.5 out of 5.

Dasvidaniya is a really good movie. Last week I talked about Bucket list.. It is on the same theme and is as good. The director has adapted it for the Indian audiences and done it well. Though the film slows down at places, the length of the film covers it up. The movie is 10 minutes shy of the 2hr mark. I can happily declare it to be the Movie Of the Month.
Amar( Vinay pathak) has been diagonised with cancer and he has only 3 months left. Till now, he has been living a mundane life. The highlight of his day is a to-do list which he makes in d morning. When he learns of his predicament, his alter ego kicks in and coaxes him to create a to-do list.. but this time it is of things which he wants to do before he is dead.... so that he can say that he lived a fulfilled life!!
Good Movie, Great actors.. My rating 4.5 out of 5.

Green Street Hooligan is again in a different genre. It is a about a guy Matt( Elijiah Wood.. ->LOTR-> Froddo) who gets kicked out of Harvard bcoz his cocaine is found in his room and he takes the fall for his room partner. He doesn't fight the charge assuming that as his roomy's dad is in a high position at University.
As he can't go back to his dad, he moves across the ocean to UK...where his sister stays along with her family. Once in England, he gets to see what Football Hooliganism is all about from an insider's point of view as his sister's brother in law is one of them.In the process he learns a lot new things which he wouldn't have in Harvard. He gets his first fight and many more after that... he learns to stand by his friends.. You guys are going to love it!! 
The treatment of the film is fantastic, specially the fight scenes. You would all want to pickup a headfone though.. the accent is mostly native english!!!
My rating 4 out of 5.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Movie Reccomendation

Guys.. just completed watching "The Bucket List". Great movie.. do not miss it by any chance.. nd Dus Vidhaniya draws from the same concept...hope it is also as good as this!!

Also, by now.. I think almost all would have watched Quantom of solace [:)].. for those of u who haven't.. avoid it... it is nowhere like a bond movie.. Even if u wan't to watch it.. go with least expectations... may be that will cushion the blow..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

H@ppy B day

Many many return of the day...

Wishin sh@rad and bh@skar a very happy b'day...

Yeh sab treat ke liye hai.. [:)]

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Busy Busy buzeee

Hi Invi's,

Seems everyone is too busy these days.. but busy doing what... kya chakkar chala rahe ho bhaiyo??

wishes for DP and Diwali.

@Devi - Hyd jaa raha hai.. kabhi hamein bhi darshan de do yaar..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anna ka B'day

Kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta hai.. kya september and october official "baccha paida karo" mahine hai kya!!! too many b'days.. 2 many parties!! still.. Anna.. happy b'day to you!! Jin logo ko yaad nahi hai unake liye.. kamlesh ka b'day 1 october ko tha... for pics.. refer kamlesh's orkut album!!
Video link

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happysss B'dayyysss

It has been a long brk nd we have missed a few in between!! but forgive me friends.. for I have been occupied with a sad business. My 1st fone is lost nd it took me some time to recover from the shock :'(.
But now I'm back nd without wasting further time...
    Happy B'day Devi nd a Belated Happy B'day to Avinash and Rajat. For those of you wondering who these two Guys are, they r none other than our "Bana" nd "Nata Mallik". May be we were and are not there to celebrate ur b'day with u all but if u use just a little bit of imagination.. u will surely feel our presence...( nd also YD nd Bhasu's kick ;)..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry Bhaiyon.... For late Entry

Abe kuch pata hi nahi tha ki kaise kya karte hain isme
now with MIB's help kuch -2 pata lag raha hai

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sharad Sharma does it too!!!

Newton did it.. Jhawar did ..Devi did it nd now Sharad has done it too!! Guysssss.. I am not talking abt sex.. Sharad sharma has left Accenture to join Evalue Serve (i hope i got the name right.. it took sharad 4 times to pronounce before I could comprehend what it was!!).

Best of luck buddy!!! or should i say it to the eValue serve guys.. beware.. Here Comes an INVINCIBLE!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Identify the profile!!!!

today i came across an intresting profile... I am posting it here and would like you all to take a guess regarding whose profile is this. I have blurred out some obvious portions.... so have fun!!!